Empath UK charity portfolio

Empath UK was a charity set up to experiment with different approaches to charitable giving, looking for novel ways to address known difficulties for donors and charities. In 2019, the main project was completed and the charity was closed, before publishing our report here.

We looked for projects representing all areas of charity, bringing them together into this portfolio to give a simple snapshot of the work going on in the sector.

78 projects were selected in total, with work covering most regions in the UK and each of the conceptual categories listed below.

We have collated here descriptions of some of the projects involved, arranged by category.

Donors were invited to rank the categories to indicate how they would like their donations allocated. Between 2012 and 2019, £25,971 was distributed in grants among these projects.

This was half of a project looking at new ways to organise charitable giving among the general public. You can read the paper here.